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Benefits of Cycling

Life is good and life + cycling is better!


I’ve only been cycling for 6 months and the health benefits I’ve experienced were completely unexpected.

So far… 1. I’m off insulin! I am Type 2 diabetic. I used to take 85 units per day. 2. I take half the amount of blood pressure medication I used to take. 3. I take half the amount of medication to regulate my heart rhythm, (I have premature ventricular contractions). 4. I no longer take muscle relaxants before bedtime; (back spasms kept me from sleeping well), not anymore! 5. I only take 25% of the medications I used to take to control acid reflux.

My pain level has decreased so much there are actually days where I don’t have to take Tylenol and Advil.

AND… I’ve lost 35 pounds! I prefer to say, “I’ve gained 35 pounds of my health back”!

Whenever I have leg pain or a headache I jump on my bicycle and go for a ride.  Cycling is the best prescription ever!!!